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NuForce Air DAC’s wireless technology lets you stream music from your computer USB port or mobile devices to up to four different receivers throughout your home or office. Easily get CD-quality sound with no latency and no interference throughout your environment-wirelessly, with Air DAC.
  • CD-quality
  • Transmitters
  • Long latency
  • Multi-platform

The?NuForce?Air DAC wireless DAC/receiver and associated TX transmitters are based on a new wireless technology known as?SKAA?( seamless operation and a consistent user interface across different?SKAA?devices.?SKAA?technology has several advantages resulting in CD-quality sound and ease of setup described in more detail below.

CD-quality sound (typically higher quality than AirPlay and Bluetooth).
Extremely small latency (Bluetooth and AirPlay have > 50 times longer latency) – ideal for playing games and watching videos. Long latency can result in audio and video being out of sync.
Works anywhere without interference – no wifi “hot spot” needed for reception
Simple control and setup – no software, setup, or pairing. Air DAC is incredibly easy to use.
Stream music to up to four receivers, and receive from up to four transmitters. Air DAC can be used to set up a near-perfect wireless stereo with sync between audio channels < 40 microseconds.
Multi-platform (Windows and Mac, with future support for Android) and multi-device (computer, media player, and mobile phone) support and works with any digital audio from music, movies, and games.
Very low power consumption.

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  • Can receive and lock with up to four independent iTX/uTX transmitters.
  • Simple operation -Use the single front-panel switch to step through each of the available transmitters within range of the receiver. The cycle returns to the first transmitter after selecting the last available transmitter.
  • CD-quality performance
  • The cycle returns to first transmitter after selecting the last available transmitter.
  • Extra-wide wireless audio range covers larger environments – iTX range approximately spans 10-20m; uTX range spans approximately 15-30m depending on conditions.
  • The uTX (for USB device) Transmitter is cross-platform (Mac/PC), so there’s no need to install drivers.
  • The iTX similarly connects to a standard analog dock when mated with Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad.