Nuforce IA-18 Integrated Stereo Amplifier


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The NuForce IA-18 is an integrated stereo amplifier offering unprecedented value and performance. This remarkable unit incorporates components and circuitry used in NuForce?s other celebrated Reference Series products such as the same circuitry used in the P-20, NuForce?s most recent flagship pre-amplifier, and two NuForce V3 power amplifier modules. The IA-18 also features five analog RCA inputs and the same touch control panel used in its reference sibling.

Paramount among the IA-18?s strengths is its volume control, which, like the volume control used in the P-20 consists of a switched-resistor ladder network, consisting of the latest advances in thin-film technology, allowing for precise volume adjustment for each channel in discrete, 0.5dB steps.? Designed to deliver performance matching that of other Reference Series models, the IA-18 is equal to, or better than, any integrated amplifier available today ? or quite likely in the future.

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