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Power up with Moshi’s IonBank 10K, a stylish high-capacity portable battery designed with anodized aluminum and vegan leather accents.
  • Charges iPhones up to 4 times
  • One extra USB port
  • Lithium-polymer technology

  • ?Unlike most battery packs that require you to carry extra cables, IonBank includes hideaway Lightning and USB cables that minimize clutter while on-the-go.
  • bank 10K uses the latest in lithium-polymer technology to deliver a capacity of 10,300mAh, enough to recharge your iPhone 6s up to four times, and offers a complete recharge of your iPad Air 2.
  • It outputs at 2.4 amps for quick-charging of any connected device.
  • SmartSense? circuitry prioritizes charging your iOS device first and funnels extra current to recharge IonBank at the same time.
  • Advanced features and premium construction make IonBank 10K the premier choice for users looking for the very best in portable charging


  • Portable battery with 10,300mAh lithium-polymer cells
  • Charges iPhones up to 4 times
  • Stylish aluminum casing with vegan leather accents
  • Hideaway Lightning and USB cables with a sleek folding design
  • Fast-charging at 2.4 amps (24 watts total)
  • SmartSense? circuitry charges connected devices and recharge IonBank at the same time
  • One extra USB port for charging 2 devices simultaneously
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Gunmetal Gray, Sunset Bronze


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