Marantz WS1101 / WS0901: Optional Wooden Side-Panels


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Since the very introduction of audio equipment for the home, wooden side panels or cabinets for the equipment have been a very common and popular finish. The WS0901 and WS1101 are available now in black gloss only with an RRP of $199 per pair.
  • Available in two heights
  • CD players: CD5003, CD6003
  • Black, multiple-layer high gloss lacquer
  • Tuner: ST6003

The very name ?brown goods? stems from the fact that most audio and TV equipment right up to the early 1980s was contained in a wooden cabinet, usually in a natural (brown) colour. Marantz has a long history of optional wood cabinets, dating as far back as the first product ? the 1953 Model 1 mono pre-amplifier.

Returning this year with an optional wooden side panel, the 2009 Marantz offering is a sleek modern finish which suits both black or new silver components.


  • An optional extra for a selected range of Marantz Hi-Fi components
  • Black, multiple-layer high gloss lacquer over curved real wood; only three covered screws to maintain aesthetics
  • Available in two heights?9cm (WS0901) and 11cm (WS1101) to suit all x003 series CD players, SACD players, Amplifiers and Tuner, in either black or new silver finish
  • Compatible with these 2009 models:

CD players: CD5003, CD6003

SACD players: SA7003, SA8003

Amplifiers: PM5003, PM6003, PM7003, PM8003

Tuner: ST6003

Note: Stereo receivers and AV receivers are not suitable, due to side vents – some future Hi-Fi models will also be compatible


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