Marantz SR7009 Receiver


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  • Packed with the latest audio and video technologies, the Marantz SR7009 sets new standards for audio and video performance and includes Dolby Atmos decoding.
  • Letting you experience the ultimate theater sound experience right in your own home.
  • Now found in premium cinemas around the world, the revolutionary Dolby Atmos system delivers the ultimate audio experience by expanding the soundstage via the use of overhead speakers.
  • Allowing pinpoint imaging of every sound in the movie soundtrack to be precisely positioned in exactly the same way as found in a commercial Dolby Atmos theater.
  • Delivering 125 watts per channel, the SR7009 features 9 discrete high current power amplifier channels that are all rated to drive regular 8-ohm speakers and lower impedance 4-ohm speakers.
  • and the SR7009 features multiple pre-amp outputs that let you connect external power amplifiers to drive additional speakers in the main room as well as drive more speakers elsewhere in the home.
  • The video processing section is our most advanced, with full 4K Ultra HD compatibility, including the ability to handle high frame rate 4K/60 Hz content.
  • There’s also full 4K Ultra HD upscaling for HD sources and even SD sources, and the SR7009’s video processor
  • Also includes the full suite of ISF video calibration controls for studio-quality video right in your home.
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Weight 13600 g
Dimensions 399 × 440 × 185 mm

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