Marantz SR5023: Slim-line Stereo Receiver


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This new stereo receiver, housed in its reference-standard chassis, is built to the highest standards and expertly finished. The solid, aluminium-fronted design shows perfect balance. The dimensions are the same as the compact CD5003, making it possible to create an extraordinary system out of only two components. Incredible attention to detail and no-compromise construction ensures the full excitement and emotion of your kind of music is always faithfully captured. The symmetric circuit architecture represents the perfect foundation for this pure high-performance stereo receiver, with an RDS tuner with FM/AM reception, 30 random presets and a powerful 2 x 80 W stereo amplifier at its heart. For vinyl addicts, there is a high-quality MM phono stage. Subwoofer output and pairs of ?screw-type? speaker terminals make it a true centrepiece of your home stereo system.

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Weight 7800 g
Dimensions 105 × 440 × 367 mm