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The stereo Super Audio CD and CD player SA7003 underline Marantz?s heritage of high-quality two-channel audio reproduction. For playback that captures the musical nuance and reproduces a wide sound stage ? with no extra, or missing, information ? Marantz has applied its extensive expertise in making faster, low-noise and lower impedance symmetric circuits with high-quality parts. The loading mechanism is made of a new material called ZYLON, the high rigidity of which improves resonance and reduces vibration, contributing to unparalleled audio sound quality (Reduced Mechanical Inter Modulation Distortions). This enables you to listen to Super Audio CDs providing sonic excellence you?ve come to expect from this Super Audio CD player. It can even replay compressed audio formats such as MP3 and WMA in high-fidelity quality. A high-quality headphone amplifier and gold-plated outputs complete this beautiful player. The SA7003 expresses the Marantz dedication to the purest reproduction of musical emotion!

  • New ZYLON loading mechanism able to replay Super Audio CDs (stereo), CDs, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA files
  • New solid reference standard chassis
  • Audiophile D/A conversion by the CS4398
  • Marantz? Current Feedback Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAM-SA2)
  • The symmetric discrete circuit architecture
  • Customised audio components for best-balanced audio
  • Dedicated power supply circuits for system blocks
  • Gold-plated outputs for best connectivity
  • High-quality headphone amplifier
  • Display off function to minimise high-frequency noise interference

An optional wooden side panel is available for selected Marantz Hi-Fi components, including this model.?Add a?sleek modern touch to your Marantz component -?suits both the black or new silver finish -?click here for more details

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