Marantz SA14s1 SACD player


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The SA-14S1 delivers superb musicality along with the ability to handle a broad range of disc types as well as decoding high-resolution audio files from a computer. It’s also compatible with the iPod, iPod touch, and the iPhone, so you can connect your device directly to the convenient front-panel USB port and enjoy pure digital transfer for optimum fidelity.

The rugged chassis features our latest center mount disc drive mechanism, mounted onto its own sub-chassis to minimize vibrations, and the disc tray is constructed of highly rigid glass fiber reinforced plastic composite for operational stability and reliability. Our exclusive HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) technologies ensure top fidelity along with wide bandwidth, and the SA-14S1 incorporates HDAM and HDAM SA2 devices.

In addition to playback of CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs, the SA-14S1 also plays Super Audio CDs, and can playback multi-channel Super Audio CDs in stereo via the built-in downmixing function. The elegant remote control can also control the matching PM-14S1 reference-grade digital integrated amplifier.

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