Marantz SA-15s2 Premium series SACD Play


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This model is currently discontinued. Please call (02) 9600 6655 or?Click here to Contact us?to have an alternative model.

The SA15S2 uses the Crystal high-precision Super Audio D/A converter CS4398, to faithfully recreate the full magnificence of the SACD format. It also provides reference-quality CD reproduction and proves that CD player integration need not degrade audio quality. The SA15S2 goes even one step further and made it possible to integrate MP3 and WMA playback without sacrificing sound quality on CD. It includes a zero-impedance matching joint for best signal to noise ratio, as well as dedicated top-grade headphone circuitry with a fast Current Feedback topology. The D/A converter is equipped with an ultra-high precision clock to eliminate jitter distortion. The SA-15S2 includes a built in-current feedback topology with HDAM-SA2 modules providing high bandwidth and fast signal handling needed for pure audiophile playback regardless of format. A Zero-Impedance-Matching-Joint brings signal to noise ratio to its best. It?s simply exquisite.

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