Marantz PM5005 Integrated Amplifier


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  • 2 x 40W output RMS / 8 ohms
  • Carefully selected components
  • Proprietary HDAM-SA3 circuits
  • Discrete volume amplifier circuit
  • Source Direct function
  • A / B switchable speaker terminals
  • MM Phono input
  • Gold Plated Inputs/Outputs


Out of stock

This excellent entry-level integrated amplifier breaks all the rules. That’s because it’s the first in its class to offer current feedback architecture – a feature that normally is reserved for the more expensive models. This technology provides very fast and accurate signal handling, which results in perfectly balanced stereo sound reproduction as well as a very open and precise sound stage. It’s also been recently enhanced with performance-optimising discrete audio circuitry and fine-tuned components. In addition, this model looks a little more stylish than the previous version, thanks to the revised knob design. On top of that, it comes with a new remote and new low-power stand-by and auto stand-by modes.

But back to being an amp: the PM5005 offers 40W per channel into 8 ohm or 55W into 4 ohm, and includes a metal chassis and a front metal panel to ensure a very rigid and solid base. It also has an MM Phono equaliser, as well as Source Direct functionality to ensure the shortest signal paths. Without doubt, the PM5005 has raised the performance bar in the so-called entry level area. Great sound. Amazing versatility.

Speaker A/B for the connection of two pair of speakers at the same time. They can run single as A or B, as well as A+B at the same time.

Current Feedback
Current Feedback amplification is a well known, Marantz original circuit technology. The Current Feedback amplifier technology fits perfectly with the high requirements set for Super Audio software providing wide-bandwidth, high-speed reproduction. The impedance at the Current Feedback point is limited resulting in a very low phase shift. Marantz receivers and amplifiers equipped with Current Feedback can keep the phase compensation via Negative FeedBack (NFB) to a minimum, resulting in high through-rate, excellent transient response and superb sonic transparency for the full bandwidth. Unlike conventional Voltage Feedback amplification, the Current Feedback amplification makes the power amplifier in-sensitive to difficult loudspeaker loads.

Environmental Friendly
Marantz products all carry the environmental logo. This logo proves the environmental way of thinking within Marantz. This does not stop with the low power consumption of all Marantz products in stand-by modus, but it also underlines the environmental way of working and producing within Marantz and the use of environmental approved components that do not contain hazardous chemical elements. As much as possible will be done to stress the environment as less as possibly can.

Pure / Source Direct / Audio EX(clusive)
Pure / Source Direct / Audio EX are special listening modes that provide the highest possible signal purity. They can be used for both analogue and digital sources, with two-channel or multi-channel inputs. When selected, the signal follows the most direct path not passing the tone and bass management circuitry or any DSP (digital signal processor) of AV Receiver or on players pitch control, digital output or the display will be switched off. The less processing and functionalities the closer the signal is to the original, the less it is distorted.

System Remote
Remote capable to control the amplifier or receiver as well as connected source products from Marantz.

Weight 6699.5593 g
Dimensions 370.078 × 439.928 × 104.902 mm


Channels 2
Current Feedback Topology Yes
Phono EQ: Standard Yes
HDAM version SA3, SA2
EI Power Transformer Yes
High Grade Audio Components Yes
Balance / Bass / Treble / Loudness Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes


Linear Drive Power Supply Yes
Source Direct Yes
Standby Mode Yes


Audio Inputs 6
Phono Input: MM 6
Audio Outputs 2
Gold Plated Cinch Yes
Speaker A / B Yes
Speaker Terminal Transparent, Screw type
Number of terminals 4
D.Bus Yes
Headphone Out Yes


Power Output (8 / 4 Ohm RMS) 40 W / 55 W
Frequency response 10 Hz-50 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01%
Damping Factor 100
Input Sensitivity: MM 2.2 mV / 47 kOhm
Signal to Noise Ratio: MM 83 dB
Input Sensitivity: High level 200 mV / 20 kOhm
Signal to Noise Ratio: High level 103dB (2V input)


Metal Front Panel Yes
Power Consumption 350W
Standby Consumption 0.3 W
Auto Power off Yes
Detachable Power Cable Yes
Remote Control RC002PMCD
System Remote Function Yes
Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in inches 17.32 x 14.57 x 4.13 in.
Weight in lbs. 14.77 lbs


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