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The new PM15s2 Integrated Amplifier from Marantz offers full Current Feedback amplification adapting HDAM-SA2s and HDAM-SA3s for dynamic sound and perfect stereo imaging with extended resolution. Within its slender cabinet, it includes a Toroidal transformer, WBT speaker terminals, and symmetrical circuit architecture with system block shielding. Power output is 2x 90W, 8 ohms. Independent left and right heat sinks eliminate cross-channel interference. New high precision volume control is provided by Micro Analog Systems MAS6116. Vinyl fans will appreciate the new Constant Current Feedback MM/MC phono pre-amplifier coming from the PM-11S2. With rigid double-layer chassis construction, aluminum front and side panels, and an additional bottom plate to minimize external noise it is really solid. It all adds up to the extraordinarily high-quality stereo sound, and by chaining up to four units with our floating control bus FCBS, it even can deliver a spectacular multi-channel experience.