Marantz NA7004 Network Audio Player with DAB+ NA7004


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The NA7004 is your ideal connection to your favourite music, no matter where it comes from ? whether it?s from your PC, external hard disc, or as an FM, AM or DAB+ radio station broadcast in your country, or even on the other side of the world via Internet radio. The NA7004 connects to them all. That?s because it incorporates technology based on the DLNA1.5 standard for audio streaming**. This functionality can also be found in other products, but here it is much more directed to music lovers and audiophiles because Marantz has done everything to ensure top-quality audio: rigid cabinet structure, strong power supply, audio output stage applying the famous HDAM-SA2, and fine-tuning by customized components. This network audio player is even ideal for people with no network installed in the home. Simply hook-up the NA7004 via the USB connector on the back to your PC and it will recognize the NA7004 as an external sound card. That?s the most direct way to enjoy excellent quality. And there?s more: digital inputs, iPod-digital-compatible USB and optional Bluetooth reception. This is versatility in the extreme, but amazingly it?s also extremely easy to operate via the large display.

Marantz App for iPhone / iPod / iPad

The Marantz Wizz App transfers control of the NA7004 into the palms of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners. A beautifully designed GUI combines with an intuitive layout enabling a superbly easy way to control Marantz products via a home network.

The app comes preloaded and ready to use. Key functionalities include main zone power on/off; volume up/down; mute on/off; input selection; tuner control; surround modes; menu control by cursor; and zone 2 and 3 basic control. It features class-leading response times and the app?s bi-directional feedback with the AV7005 enables super-fast status reports on features such as volume, source, and surround mode.

Additionally, Wizz App delivers control of Networked/USB-connected sources. Playback controls ? such as file selection, play and stop ? of connected PCs and NAS drives, are accessible via the app and users can swiftly browse internet radio stations via their iPhone/iPod Touch. Wizz App even lets you flick through PC/NAS-stored music libraries, selecting tunes by artist, album, genre, etc. For ultimate ease and looks Wizz App displays ?currently playing? cover art.

Wizz App is available free of charge for download from the Apple App Store.

Also featuring Apple Airplay connectivity

The Airplay feature allows you to easily stream music from your iTunes collections to the NA7004* with just the tap of a finger.

About Apple Airplay

Stream iTunes Music from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, PC or Mac to Home Entertainment Networks*

With the incorporation of AirPlay on Marantz products, you can now open up iTunes to a whole new experience, enjoying not only the ability to stream iTunes music from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, PC or Mac via your home network, but access to artist information, album art and elapsed and remaining time. The inclusion of AirPlay capability on this Marantz product has been made possible through the advanced networking technologies applied.

How do I upgrade my NA7004 to AirPlay?

AirPlay is now?FREE?for this model. Download the ‘AirPlay Installation.pdf’, then email the ID number and your model number (Marantz NA7004) to?

For more information on this model or reviews, please refer to the ‘Downloads’ section on this page

Note:?Please contact your nearest Marantz Reseller for pricing

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