Marantz IS301 Hand-Held Docking Station For Ipod


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This model is currently discontinued. Please call (02) 9600 6655 or?Click here to contact us?to have an alternative model.

Enjoy all the browsing features and the feel of your iPod ? even when it?s connected to your home entertainment system!

Introducing the new Marantz IS301, a new type of docking station. It lets you keep your iPod, and all of its browsing features, in your hand ? and at the same time, enjoy all the real Hi-Fi sound quality of your Home Entertainment System. The IS301 features a small extension module (Handset) that plugs into your iPod and sends audio information via Bluetooth (A2DP) to a receiver unit connected to your Hi-Fi system.

You can even enjoy your videos, as well as the convenience of your iPod charging simply by docking it. While docked, you can still connect to iTunes via USB. For extra placement flexibility, the docking station can sit on a shelf or be mounted on a wall. The RX connection module features all necessary audio/video outputs, as well as an RS232 interface

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