Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker

The Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker offers absolute top technology in an extremely compact shelf-top speaker format.



The Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker offers absolute top technology in an extremely compact shelf-top speaker format. High-quality drivers with an aluminium-ceramic sandwich membrane (subwoofer) as well as a special silk dome (tweeter) ensure, in combination with the other high-quality components, a top-class acoustic experience.

The Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker is also very attractive visually, presenting a stylish appearance with its two-tone genuine cedar wood veneer. Meticulous

coordination and tuning, laser-assisted measuring with the Klippel system, high-quality components and a striking, stylish appearance make the Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker an exceptional speaker that also fits into any living room in a perfectly harmonious way.

Stylish products deserve stylish packaging. We took this basic principle very much to heart when developing the Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker: The high-end 2-way shelf-top speaker combines the highest quality components, balanced acoustic tuning and unique design in a harmonious way.

Its stylish body made of sturdy MDF wood is covered with a two-tone genuine cedar wood veneer. This means that the Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker clearly enriches very room, not only acoustically but also visually.

efficiency. All of the internal wiring is of a large gauge to guarantee low-loss transmission of the audio signal. The high-end connecting terminal expertly rounds of the Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker with its solid metal support plate and the gold-plated, acrylic varnished screw terminals.


The Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker not only produces outstanding sound, it is also very attractive visually. The sturdy MDF enclosure ensures resonance-free reproduction and is covered with a stylish, two-tone genuine cedar wood veneer. Added to this is an attractive solid-metal sound guide for both speaker chassis as well as an inlaid solid-metal logo on the top of the enclosure. All of the metal elements, including the connecting terminal, are presented in a fine champagne shade to match harmoniously with the wood colors.


The Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker has a markedly compact shelf-top speaker format: With dimensions of just 140 x 245 x 258 mm, it is at home in just about any living room surroundings. The compact design is quickly forgotten, however, as soon as the Humidor starts performing: The precise treble ranges, clearly intelligible mid-range as well as the precise, strong bass foundation show impressively what modern technology and experience can achieve. To this end, the Humidor has opted for a high-quality aluminium-ceramic subwoofer.

This high-end- material combines optimum rigidity with high internal damping. The Magnat Airflex bass reflex port provides for additional bass without any flow noise. Used as the tweeter is a silk dome with a particularly wide surround to improve the dispersion characteristics over 20 kHz. Both the tweeter and the subwoofer are driven by extremely powerful magnet systems. Together, the chassis duo ensures the highest sound precision and convincing dynamics over the entire frequency range.


Responsible for the perfect sound of the Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker are the high-quality components as well as the precise coordination and tuning. The shelf-top speaker has undergone an elaborately complex and time-consuming development process. During this, all the components were adjusted and improved in a large number of individual steps, also with the help of the high-precision Klippel laser measuring system. With the help of this, the subwoofer, in particular, was optimized to such an extent that it extracts an impressive bass foundation from the compact enclosure with high level stability.


The high-quality design and construction method is continued in the Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker down to the smallest detail. The crossover was phase and amplitude optimized in the complex development process and fitted exclusively with selected components.

For example, the coil of the deep bass branch is of a low impedance design in order to achieve the absolute maximum bass and this meticulous development, the decades of experience gathered by our engineers and the high-quality components have combined to create an exceptional loudspeaker in the form of the Magnat Humidor Bookshelf Speaker: High-end in the smallest of spaces with a stylish wood design.


  • Emphatically compact and very high-quality high-end shelf-top speaker
  • Highly resilient long excursion bass mid-range speaker and fine silk dome for the highest sound precision
  • Particularly stylish looks with two-tone cedar real wood veneer and metal applications
  • Klippel® optimisation for extremely low distortion at all volumes
  • High-end- hi-fi in the smallest of places: ideal for cramped conditions without a subwoofer
  • Airflow-optimized, non-magnetic aluminium die-cast basket to prevent turbulence and compression effects to handle large cone excursions
  • Distortion-optimised, powerful magnet system with induction ring and stray field optimisation, thereby ensuring minimal distortion and high efficiency
  • Kapton voice coil to minimise eddy current loss, thereby ensuring minimal distortion of the midrange and optimised efficiency
  • Aluminium/ceramic sandwich cone with an inverted dust cap for optimum rigidity with high internal damping
  • Detachable cloth grille with optimized acoustic transmissivity and hidden magnetic fixing
  • High-quality cabling using heavy gauge cables
  • Specially coated Airflex port with very large opening ensures an optimum bass response without ambient noise
  • Solid aluminium terminal with gold-plated screw connectors encapsulated in acrylic
  • Silk dome tweeter with a particularly wide surround for optimised dispersion characteristics at frequencies above 20 kHz
  • Special sound guide in the aluminium front panel for optimum dispersion properties
  • High performance neodymium magnet system for excellent dynamics and a high resolution
  • Elaborated phase and amplitude optimized crossover with selected high-quality components
  • Particularly low-impedance bass-midrange channel for minimal electrical loss
  • Sturdy MDF cabinet with two-tone cedar real wood veneer
  • Solid metal sound guides for the woofer-midrange and tweeter
  • Inlaid logo on the top of the enclosure
  • All metal parts in harmoniously matched champagne colour
  • Reinforcing board in the housing with chassis support for the bass-midrange, which ensures optimum low-resonance properties and minimal intrinsic vibration
  • CABINET SURFACE Two-tone cedar real wood veneer, metal applications in champagne colour
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Weight 4500 g
Dimensions 140 × 245 × 258 mm


  • PRINCIPLE High-End-Bookshelf Speaker
  • EQUIPMENT 25 mm dome tweeter 110 mm woofer-midrange
  • POWER HANDLING (RMS/MAX.) 75 / 150 watts
  • SENSITIVITY (2.8V/1M) 90 dB
  • IMPEDANCE 4 – 8 Ohms
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE 34 – 50000 Hz
  • DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) 140 x 245 x 258 mm
  • WEIGHT 4.5 kg


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