Magnat Cinema Ultra Atmos AEH 400-ATM Speaker

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Magnat Cinema Ultra Atmos AEH 400-ATM Speaker – With defined dispersion characteristics for perfect Dolby Atmos surround sound.



Magnat Cinema Ultra Atmos AEH 400-ATM Speaker – Dolby also imposes extremely strict requirements to ensure that the demanding multi-channel procedure can generate perfect reproduction. The dispersion characteristics and position of the add-on loudspeakers are important. A subwoofer with an integrated tweeter, a so-called coaxial driver, is the best option here.

The Magnat Cinema Ultra Atmos AEH 400-ATM Speaker is a coax with a 13 cm bass plus 25 mm tweeter cone and is a perfect fit, in terms of both external appearance and installation depth, on top of an LCR 100-THX – which is also where it should be

according to the Dolby guidelines. For those cases where home cinema fans prefer to mount the excellent sounding Magnat Cinema Ultra Atmos AEH 400-ATM Speaker on the wall or ceiling, we have, instead of the frequency response optimized for ceiling reflection as stipulated by Dolby, included a second crossover for linear reproduction which can be activated via a toggle switch.


  • Extends a home cinema system to include the third dimension for a perfect surround sound experience
  • Compacter, efficient add-on speaker with a large number of application options
  • High-performance coaxial driver with 13 cm woofer and 25 mm dome tweeter
  • Can be used as a Dolby Atmos-certified add-on speaker on LCR 100-THX or as an overhead speaker on the wall or ceiling
  • Switchable crossover for optimum sound with any application
  • Dolby Atmos-certified add-on loudspeaker matching the Magnat Cinema Ultra set
  • The diaphragm materials are identical to the front and surround sound loudspeakers of the Magnat Cinema Ultra for optimum tonal harmony
  • Magnat Cinema Ultra Atmos AEH 400-ATM Speaker has Coaxial chassis layout and specially tuned crossover for ideally homogeneous dispersion characteristics
  • Compact, flat enclosure for easy and inconspicuous integration into every home cinema system
  • Can also be used as a directly emitting wall or ceiling loudspeaker
  • Two integrated crossovers that can be selected via a switch for extremely flexible use:o “Atmos mode” for ceiling reflection according to Dolby Atmos guidelines: o “Direct mode” for direct emission use on the wall or ceiling
  • Switchable dual crossover in one loudspeaker, optimised for the respective operating mode
  • Amplitude and phase-optimised crossover to meet the strict THX Ultra2 standard
  • High-quality connection terminal with stable, gold-plated and encapsulated screw terminals and a toggle switch for selecting the operating mode
  • Detachable cloth grille with optimized acoustic transmissivity and hidden magnetic fixing
  • Stable enclosure in console form, with the dimensions and design adapted for combination with the Magnat Cinema Ultra system
  • Cinema Ultra stealth design comprising: o offset baffle in a high-quality deep black silk matt lacquer finish o durable brushed-metal textured film in anthracite on the body o front panel and trim rings in matt black with a black chrome gloss ring o magnetically held cloth cover on a thin MDF frame o low-reflection metal logo in brushed titanium look”
  • Closed housing for reproduction absolutely free of background noise at high levels
  • Magnat Cinema Ultra Atmos AEH 400-ATM Speaker has sophisticated mounting system with numerous variations
  •  Wall-fixing mountings according to the widespread VESA standard, hole pattern 100x100mm M4;
  • Sturdy metal wall brackets for wall mounting with silicone spacer;
  •  Adhesive silicone feet provided for set-up on front loudspeakers, sideboards etc.
  • Magnat Cinema Ultra Atmos AEH 400-ATM Speaker (Front: black silk matt / body: textured film – anthracite)
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Weight 3700 g
Dimensions 280 × 150 × 188 mm


  • PRINCIPLE Dolby Atmos-enabled high-performance add-on loudspeaker with direct-radiating mode
  • EQUIPMENT 1 x 5,25″ coaxial speaker
  • POWER HANDLING (RMS/MAX.) 50 / 120 watts
  • SENSITIVITY (2.8V/1M) 89 dB
  • IMPEDANCE 6 Ohms
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE 45 – 37.000 Hz
  • CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES Atmos-Modus: 3.200 Hz Direct-Modus: 3.300 Hz
  • DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) 280 x 150 x 188 mm
  • WEIGHT 3.7 kg


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