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Luma?s 510 Series DVR provides solid all-around performance in any analog surveillance system. It supports higher-resolution cameras up to 5MP, 4K TV output, and advanced Smart Search capabilities. For additional install convenience, use our free LumaLink remote access service to eliminate traditional port forwarding and DDNS setup, or simply synchronize and manage your devices via OvrC. We?ve made analog surveillance easy.

Supports Cameras Up To 5MP
Updated HD-TVI technology enables this DVR to support sharper image quality than ever before. Our 510 recorder works with cameras up to 5MP. All Luma recorders are backward compatible with traditional analog cameras up to 960H. Combine the 510 with our Luma analog cameras for the best possible image quality.

Intuitive User Interface
End-users and installers alike will love our clean user interface. Rewind and fast forward, jump backward or forward 15 seconds, pause, take a snapshot, playback, and zoom to your heart?s content. All of these options are easily controlled with a tap or a swipe.

Dedicated App
iOS or Android, Luma? has you covered. Our Luma app is built using the same intuitive user interface design, built for mobile devices so you can check on what matters, providing peace of mind ? anytime, anywhere.

An included HDMI output allows you to hook up your recorder to a television to view any image from the live feed. Better output resolution allows you to maximize the benefits of any high megapixel cameras, eliminating potential hassle.

Deep Control Integration
Our dedicated drivers control the DVR?s on-screen GUI navigation through the HDMI output. All Luma recorders are compatible with Control 4, Crestron, RTI, g! & URC.

Smart Search
Find smart motion events at any time ? even after events have occurred. With Smart Search, users can now search for a line crossing or intrusion box event on video after it’s already been recorded! Each event shows separately on the timeline, while the line cross or intrusion box is set at the time of the search, depending on what you?re looking for.

Remotely Optimize OSDs
Need to fine-tune OSD settings after dark, but can?t roll a truck or run an extra RS-485? Just log in remotely to the DVR ? our recorders feature built-in control thanks to HD-TVI technology.

LumaLink: Your P2P Setup Solution
Manage all your Luma devices under your OvrC account. Our convenient P2P service, LumaLink, offers faster setup and is more secure than traditional port forwarding and DDNS. Using LumaLink, you can also sync your P2P-enabled devices between OvrC and the Luma app.

Easy Install
Setup is easy with our Luma utility. Featuring large, easy-to-find icons, access the utility on your PC, and view the DVR User Interface through your web browser. You can also use LumaLink to offer a secure, fast setup without DDNS or traditional port forwarding.

Storage-Friendly Hard Drive
Our 510 DVRs operate using the H.265 video codec. This updated codec uses roughly 40% less data than H.264, achieving the same footage quality while nearly doubling the efficiency of your recorder?s hard drive storage space.

Rack-Mountable Design
Our sleek DVRs mount easily in popular racks, so you can keep cables or other connected devices neat and tuck out of the way.

We make high-definition surveillance look easy.

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