Levitate Mount L-PW



The new Levitate? mount is a dramatic step forward in both functionality and aesthetic design, combining unsurpassed convenience and versatility with a breathtaking appearance that enhances virtually any workplace environment. Polished aluminium and stainless steel finishes with touches of white or black colour combinations will suit different decors and architectural spaces.

Dynamic Lift Assistance technology allows the arms to be raised, lowered and rotated 360?, independently. As a result, users can position monitors, even those up to 9kg (19.8 lbs) with unparalleled ease. Thanks to the Levitate?s unique range of movement the arm can be easily positioned to accommodate touch screens without compromising the ergonomics of the workplace. For multi-user environments, large display requirements (up to 27″), sharing your display with others or using the display from a sitting to a standing position, Levitate?s unsurpassed display height, reach and adjustment range accommodates all user environments giving unrivalled flexibility.

Colour: polished/white
Product ordering code: L-PW

Warranty:?10 Years Limited Warranty

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