Kordz PRS HDMI Cables


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Engineered from the ground up, the PRS series offer everything the custom installer is looking for in an HDMI cable.
  • Slim die-cast metal shell fits into ? inch/19mm conduit.
  • HDMI compliant
  • Eleven lengths from 0.5m to 18.0m

  • Starting with the ProGrip? connectors, they provide a secure locking fit with 3kg of extraction force – triple that of ordinary connectors – while also being our most compact connector yet, small enough to fit through a ? inch/19mm conduit.
  • The round cable profile provides excellent flexibility while still maintaining CUL fire ratings for concealed installations.
  • Longer lengths include built in RedMere technology to enable full High Speed with Ethernet performance to a staggering 18m/59′.
  • This means even the latest technologies like Ultra HD/4K and 3D video are supported, regardless of the length chosen.
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  • Slim die-cast metal shell fits into ¾ inch/19mm conduit.
  • ProGrip™ connectors keep cables firmly in place with 3kg / 6.6lb retention force.
  • B.O.S.S. termination for consistent and reliable signal integrity
  • OFC solid-core TMDS conductors for high signal quality
  • Heavy-duty shielding for extreme noise environments
  • CMG in-wall fire-rated jacket
  • 3kg / 6.6lb retention force
  • Round cable geometry
  • HDMI compliant
  • High Speed – provides Ultra HD/4K video up to 18.0m / 59’
  • PRS cables over 7.5m / 24’7” utilize RedMere IC technology, these cables are directional and must be connected with the RedMere-equipped end at the sink device.
  • Eleven lengths from 0.5m to 18.0m