Kordz EVX Pushes Boundaries HDMI Cables


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The EVX series HDMI cables combine optimal manufacturing techniques with premium materials and engineering know-how to produce stunning results.
  • Ethernet and Audio return channel
  • 2kg retention force
  • High gauge solid-core OFC
  • Ultra HD/4K video
  • HDMI compliant

The award-winning series is designed for the true enthusiast, achieving the maximum ?High Speed with Ethernet? rating overall lengths using a totally passive design, without electronic compensation.

Construction is based on optimized flat-cable geometry with large gauge solid OFC (Oxygen-free copper) conductors, 7% silver plating on the critical TMDS channels, and our precision ultrasonic auto soldering. The connector is also precision-engineered, offering full alloy shielding and tight tolerances for a secure fit.

Available in seven lengths from 0.5m – 10m, the EVX series maintains ?High Speed with Ethernet? compliance throughout, supporting all the latest formats such as Ultra HD/4K video and 3D.
Lastly, every single EVX cable is tested post-production at real-world B.E.R (Bit Error Rate) your assurance of dependable quality.

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  • Flexible, flat-profile cables allow reduced skew and shallow mounting depth
  • High gauge solid-core OFC (Oxygen free copper) with 7% silver plating on the critical TMDS conductors for high performance
  • Ultra HD/4K video and HD Audio from 0.5m to 10m
  • Supports Full HD 1080p/60 and 3D across all lengths
  • B.O.S.S. termination for consistent and reliable signal integrity
  • Ultra-sonic automatic soldered free-air terminals create reduced capacitance and digital jitter for consistently high data rate support
  • SureFit™ gold plated die-cast connector fits firmly into HDMI receptacle without falling out
  • 2kg retention force
  • Full assembly 3-piece shell including 100% internal alloy shield
  • Ethernet and Audio return channel
  • HDMI compliant