Jamo SUB550: Active Subwoofer


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Exclusive quality, attractive colored and designed Jamo Active Subwoofer produced with high technology which gives smooth and digital sound. It is available in Dark Apple & Black Ash color.
  • A long-throw driver for better bass response
  • A BASH amplifier for high efficiency
  • Speaker level in controls

  • This powerful sub combines a hard-working 10? long-throw woofer unit and a BASH? amplifier capable of delivering an awesome 550W of peak power.
  • The Concert Series was designed with one aim in mind: to bring live concert and cinematic experiences into homes, with all of the dynamics, crisp dialogue, effects and live performance characteristics intact.
  • Like its bigger sibling, the SUB 650, the SUB 550 brings added might to any movie soundtrack, with its ability to reproduce even the deepest bass notes or explosive effects with complete fidelity.
  • Sonically, the entire family is characterised by its genuinely authentic acoustics. The Concert series always conveys highly detailed and beautifully resonant sound across the entire frequency spectrum. The SUB 550 adds to these impressive performance credentials an arresting appearance, either in dramatic black ash or in dark apple.
  • The SUB 550 brings low-frequency sound to powerful life; movies and music take on new energy and power. It?s ideal for both the demanding audiophile and the film connoisseur who wants to recreate the dynamic feeling of a live concert or cinema visit.
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This powerful sub combines a hard-working 10-inch long-throw woofer unit and a BASH® amplifier capable of delivering an awesome 550 watts of peak power. It is all nicely packed together in a slotted port cabinet. With frequencies as low as 26 Hz, this subwoofer is capable of delivering ultra-realistic performance at extremely high levels, while still maintaining musicality when delivering the lowest bass notes. The SUB 550 is equipped with front-mounted volume control for easy adjustment.

Because the SUB 550 reaches so low, it features a Boundary Gain Compensation switch which compensates for room influences at low frequencies.

The Jamo SUB 550 subwoofer is packed with high-performance features

  • A long-throw driver for better bass response
  • A BASH amplifier for high efficiency, with low heat build-up
  • Boundary Gain Compensation for linear, in-room response
  • Speaker level in controls to use of your amplifier lacks sub outputs
  • Level, phase and cut-off control to set the SUB 550 to your preferences

Hear and feel your favorite movie music and effects…the SUB 550 is low-frequency might in a cabinet that feels at home in any décor.