Jamo S608: Floorstanding Front Speakers


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Jamo Floor standing Front speaker is user friendly so you can use anywhere especially conferences, workshops, hall room, theatre, seminar and events.
  • Price per pair
  • Offering unsurpassed value and incredible performance
  • Waveguide Tweeter Faceplate technology

Jamo S606 is the biggest selling speaker in Jamo’s history. Offering unsurpassed value and incredible performance, the S606 is proudly displayed and played in tens of thousands of homes around the world.
Now it has a bigger brother – introducing the new Jamo S608 Tower speaker.
The S 608 offers excellent value for money but without compromises in design or sound. Give these speakers a listen and compare them to our competitors’ products… we promise you will be surprised
The S 608 has a 1in tweeter, three 5in midrange drivers ensures strong and clear vocals and instruments while the 10inside-mounted woofer delivers deep, thunderous bass. The S 608 is fully equipped for optional bi-wiring, and bi-amplification. Furthermore, the easily adjustable spikes ensure that the speakers always stand securely, making a good, stable mechanical contact with the floor.

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Introducing the new Jamo S608 Tower speaker. Equipped with a 1” Tweeter, incorporating Jamo’s patented Waveguide Tweeter Faceplate technology – and 3 x 5”  midrange drivers, S608 features strong, clear vocals and instruments … and to provide a deep, thunderous bass, a 10” side-mounted woofer