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Elegant, slim and powerful performance sums up the fabulous new Jamo S606 speakers from Jamo. These Tower Speakers have all the features you?ve come to expect from Jamo, but not usually at this price!

Jamo Floorstanding speaker manufactured with the latest technology which gives you convincing, open and very musical sound reproduction and also smooth and digital sound. It is user friendly so you can use anywhere especially conferences, workshops, hall room,? theatre, seminar and events.

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In addition, it offers optional bi-wiring and bi-amplification capabilities, magnetic shielding, and heavy-duty binding posts. The unique Danish design of the S 606 fits into any decor and is sure to complement the newest flat-screen Plasma and LCD TVs in your home theater setup.

Due to its 3-way speaker design, featuring an 8″ side-mounted woofer, dual 5″ midrange drivers, and a 1″ tweeter, the S 606 reproduces a full-range of frequencies and lifelike imaging
Stylish design fits into any decor and is a great match for HDTVs
Heavy-duty binding post connectors provide quick and easy connection to your audio system
Bi-wiring capabilities enable you to fine-tune the sound in perfect harmony with your room. Optional bi-amplification is also available
The speaker is magnetically shielded for safe placement near video monitors and other electronic devices
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