Jamo S506HCS6 Floorstanding 5.1 Theatre speaker system – S506HCS6


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The award-winning new Jamo S506HCS6 system has a lot to offer music lovers and film enthusiasts alike. It was voted?’Home Theatre Speaker system of the Year 2009(under $2,000)
Complimenting the design of today?s Plasma and LCD TV screens, it delivers true value for money without compromising the traditional values of superior sound and product quality that have made Jamo a global leader in loudspeakers for over 40 years.
The S506HCS6 pack includes one pair of elegant S506 floor-standing front speakers, a dedicated S500CEN center speaker, matching S502 Rears and powerful SUB250 Active Subwoofer, bringing to life all the excitement and dynamics of any movie or music soundtrack

S506 Front speaker
Not only is the S506 Floor standing Front speaker a highly musical speaker system with unrivalled power handling ? like the entire S500 family, but it is also beautifully constructed and finished in either luxurious Dark Apple or classic Black Ash. The S506 has a Waveguide 1″ tweeter and two 61/2″ midrange/woofers, ensuring clear vocals and instruments, as well as a well-defined bass. The two midrange/woofers feature a Fixed Centre Plug and are mounted in separate, fully isolated enclosures. This design minimizes undesirable interferences, as well as easing the load on the amplifier. The well-constructed cabinet utilizes a thick front baffle, to ensure maximum stability for the 3 drive units. The easily adjustable spikes guarantee good mechanical contact to the listening room floor, enhancing the acoustic experience. The S506 is fully equipped for optional bi-wiring and bi-amplification for even further sonic improvement

Matching Centre and Surround speakers
The S500CEN center channel and S502 Surround speakers mirror the design, build quality and technology of the S506 Fronts ? including the use of a Waveguide tweeter and Fixed Centre Plug. For additional placement flexibility, these speakers are supplied with wall mounts

Active Subwoofer for deep bass extension
The powerful 250W SUB250 Active Subwoofer turns your music system into a true Home Theatre. The realism of the movie and the dynamics on the soundtrack are beautifully reproduced with a long-throw 8″ subwoofer driver

Note: The details in the ‘Specifications’ tab refer to the Front speaker in this package

Weight 15200 g
Dimensions 1000 × 195 × 301 mm