Jamo S428HCS6 Speaker


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The Jamo S428 is the latest addition to Jamo’s already vast line-up of loudspeakers giving impressive value-for-money. With their exclusively stylish, contemporary industrial design these speakers easily blend into modern living rooms.In the established Jamo-tradition, these speakers easily out-perform every competitor in the price-range. Thanks to a carefully balanced engineering effort the S428 manages the delicate blend of good looks and a sound quality rarely heard in this class.

The Jamo S428 has a triple woofer array in a sturdy, bass-reflex optimized enclosure, that gives maximum impact and excitement to both music and movies. Thanks to a low-resonance high-frequency driver with a Jamo wave-guide the details in the sound are reproduced with both clarity and delicacy, providing a refined and well-balanced (and above all: realistic) performance.

Adding the Jamo S420 Centre and the Jamo S420 Surround will create a first-rate surround system and, thanks to the terrific versatility in terms of placement (both comes with wall bracket), these speakers will not clutter the living room

And for an all-encompassing movie experience, this system includes the new SUB260 Active Subwoofer, featuring and 8″ long-throw performance driver and 260W of music power

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