Jamo R907: Reference standard Audiophile Loudspeaker


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Jamo Reference standard Audiophile Loudspeaker manufactured with high technology which gives you smooth and digital sound.
  • Manufactured with high technology
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  • ?It is user friendly so you can use anywhere especially conferences, workshops, hall room,? theatre, seminar and events.

Price per pair


Great news ? In a Smaller Scale

  • When the R909 was introduced, customers and critics alike were truly amazed by the capabilities of this beautiful dipolar design. Finally, a radically different type of speaker that delivers music as it should be heard ? live in your living room!
  • One problem became apparent ? not all audio-connoisseurs had a listening room capable of meeting the demands of the unique open construction design of this dipolar giant.
  • The Jamo development team was given a mission: to ?translate? the design and the acoustic characteristics of the R909 into a new, less space-demanding speaker system. Mission accomplished ? the Jamo R907. With the same authority as its bigger brother, the R907?s sound quality is very open and dynamic with extremely low distortion throughout the entire range, a highly-detailed midrange with optimal voice reproduction, and a firm, powerful and punchy bass unmatched by any mass-produced dipolar speaker.
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Weight 52400 g
Dimensions 1189 × 440 × 487 mm

  • Jamo R909 and its little brother, R907, are beautifully shaped sculptures with superior power handling and sound. With their exceptionally refined sound, they are, without a doubt, designed exclusively for the increasing number of people who prefer high-end speakers that deliver perfect two-channel sound
  • R907 is a 3-way dipole with 2 x 12” (380mm) Woofers, a 5½” Midrange and 1” Tweeter. Weighing in at 58kg, the new R907 stands at around 1.2m high