Jamo Outdoor-3A2: 5 1/4inch In/Outdoor speaker


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Jamo Outdoor-3A2: 5 1/4″ In/Outdoor speaker is designed with high technology which gives you convincing, open and very musical sound reproduction and also smooth and digital sound. It is user friendly so you can use anywhere specially conferences, workshops, hall room, theatre, seminar and events.
  • Designed with high technology.
  • Wall-mounting beckets.
  • Flexible mounting system.

The Indoor/Outdoor 3A2 is a 5 1/4″ 2-way speaker in the popular series of versatile models for both indoor and outdoor applications.
This second largest model has great sonic qualities, elegant design, and a flexible mounting system. The series is popular in commercial installations, for examples in retail outlets. For the private household, these speakers are ideal for the patio, in the garden or by the pool. The Indoor/Outdoor 3A is available in black and white – and includes the wall-mounting brackets seen here
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