Jamo IW606SUR FG: 6?” In-Wall Surround speaker – 600 series – IW606SUR FG


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IW606SUR FG is an in-wall miracle. This potent 3-way speaker is the ultimate addition to any surround system. As a true 600 Custom series product, it also features a bipolar/dipole switch for optimum adjustment to DTS or Dolby surround encoding.
The speaker’s plastic “bridge” makes installation very easy as you can safely use this as a handle leaving your other hand free for holding a drill, screwdriver etc. The speaker is a one-piece item which means that you only need to make one visit to the customer to mount it.
Jamo IW606SUR FG features a 3-way design, with a 6.5″?woofer, two 3.5″?midranges and two 1″ DTT silk dome tweeters for a big surround sound experience
The grill covers the whole of the speaker which makes painting the product both simpler and quicker as you don’t need to paint the speaker itself
– Price is per pair

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Weight 3100 g
Dimensions 562 × 232 × 107 mm


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