Jamo D500SUR: THX-certified Rear Surround – D500SUR


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Surround Speakers for the D 500 THX Home Theatre System
The installation of THX sound systems typically requires a dedicated room, such as a home theatre. The size and design of virtually all THX-certified systems dictate that the speakers be hidden behind curtains and walls.
Not anymore! The size of the new Jamo D 500 THX home theatre system allows direct placement in most medium-sized living rooms. In addition to the compact dimensions, these speakers are styled in a way that accommodates many contemporary decorations and furniture combinations.
Finished in high-gloss lacquer with carefully engineered drive units, the D 500 SUR adds a musical instrument touch to the modern home, delivering impeccable reproduction of even the most demanding movie soundtrack. In addition to outstanding movie entertainment, the Jamo D 500 SUR will give the end user a very satisfying reproduction of music, regardless of format.

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