Jamo C601: Compact Bookshelf Speaker


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The C601 has an incredible bass response for its size, readily apparent when it is used either as a stereo speaker or a front/surround speaker in your home cinema system.
  • High frequencies
  • DTT
  • Price per pair


C601 can be placed on floor stands, on a bookshelf or mounted directly on the wall on its wall-brackets.

Price per pair

  • One of the biggest challenges when designing speakers is preventing unwanted cabinet vibrations from clouding or colouring the sound. High frequencies are particularly susceptible.
  • This problem is solved using the ingenious Jamo DTT. By decoupling the tweeter from the rest of the loudspeaker, vibrations transmitted from the front baffle to the tweeter are reduced by more than 20dB resulting in an uncommonly detailed and realistic reproduction of high frequencies
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Weight 3300 g
Dimensions 342 × 172 × 4.8 mm


Black, Walnut

  • C601 features Jamo’s DTT (Decoupled Tweeter Technology). DTT is a mounting system specially developed by Jamo and used in all C60 speakers.