Jamo C405: Floorstanding Speaker


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Dark Apple & Black Ash colored Good performance Jamo Floorstanding speaker manufactured with high technology which gives you convincing, open and very musical sound reproduction and also smooth and digital sound.


  • ?It is user friendly so you can use anywhere especially conferences, workshops, hall room,? theatre, seminar and events.
  • Price per pair


  • With the development of the C400 series, the two high-end members of the Jamo Concert-family, C60 and C80, have been joined by a powerful little brother.
  • C400 delivers true value for money and has a lot to offer music lovers and film enthusiasts alike.
  • The design of the C400 makes it clearly recognisable as a member of the Concert family. Not only is C400 a highly musical speaker system with unrivalled power handling, but the entire series of speakers is also beautifully constructed and has many unique design features. For example, the series is well known for its characteristic sandwiched front baffle, which contributes to its visual identity and to the cabinets? acoustic properties. As with the other members of the Concert family, the C400 is equipped with Jamo?s unique Decoupled Tweeter Technology, for more realistic high-frequency reproduction. The C400 series also features an exclusive dipolar surround speaker, which is normally available only in larger, more expensive systems.

1-2-3 Surround

  • The C400-series is cleverly constructed in a modular format, allowing you to build your system in phases. For example, you can start with the 2-channel solution, using a pair of our three-way, floor-standing speakers, the C407. Later on, you can then supplement your system with a Jamo SUB250 and turn it into a powerful 2.1-system. Or you can add a C400CEN centre speaker for superior dialogue channel reproduction with movies and then, perhaps a pair (or two) of the C400SUR dipolar surround-speakers.

Add the dipolar surrounds and you?ll have the same configuration that you?ll find in some of the most expensive homes

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Weight 19900 g
Dimensions 932 × 206 × 331 mm

  • C405 is 2½-way speaker, equipped with two powerful 6½” woofers and 1″ DTT tweeter.
  • It is rated at 140 watt RMS power and the well-constructed cabinet is available in black or dark apple