Jamo A3CEN4: Centre Channel Speaker


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The new A 3CEN.4, approximately the size of two A 320 speakers laid end to end, has been specifically designed to work with either the A 320 or A 340.

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  • Smooth and digital sound quality Silver & Black colored Jamo Centre channel speaker manufactured with high technology which gives you convincing, open and very musical sound reproduction.
  • ?The new flat design makes the A 3CEN.4 speakers an even more suitable match for the many new flatscreens on the market.
  • Thanks to the ingenious bracket the speaker can be mounted on a wall or the bracket can be used as a stand if the speaker is placed on a shelf or on top of the TV.
  • The bracket can also tilt the speaker upwards or downwards so it can be aimed towards the listening position, whether the speaker is placed on top of or below the screen.
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  • Despite the small size of A 3CEN.4 it features a two-way system – two woofers and a tweeter – that reproduces the mid- and upper range frequencies with full fidelity.
  • The result is a very natural sounding vocal quality – which is essential as the centre speaker reproduces the dialogue in a movie.