Inakustik Reference NF-102 1.2m RCA Interconnect Cable


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The Reference NF-102 consists of solid, high-purity OFC copper which is covered with DUO-PE II insulation.
  • Cable diameter: 5.8 mm
  • Fitted with the Reference GAP RCA
  • Coaxial design

  • The PE tubes illed with air, an innovative GAP plug, the exact arrangement of all elements, in particular, the very sophisticated centrally-located, solid signal conductor all ensure uniform transit times.
  • The PE network jacket prevents micro-vibrations.<br><br>AUDIO: ?As a speaker connection, the Reference series from in-akustik has long been a hit, having put the audio cable in its shadow.
  • However, now the NF-102 counts among those which put others in the shadows. … the sound remains free of harshness of any sort. In fact, the clarity, contour and the effortless resolution were all pleasing – a real all-round cable.?


  • Coaxial design (central solid signal)
  • The PE network jacket against micro-vibrations
  • Wires made of high-purity OFC copper
  • Foli shielding
  • DUO-PE II insulation around each conductor
  • Polyethylene tubes filled with air (best insulator) reduce unwanted capacitance
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