Inakustik-LS-1203 Reference 3.0 BFA Speaker Cable


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Referenz LS-1203 also features perfect sound reproduction. Unaltered and pure. Equipped with the same basic technologies as the LS-1603, it also has high-speed waveguide technology.
  • 12 conductors; 12 x 0,74 mm?
  • Insulation 1: massive PE
  • Diameter: 13 mm

  • The actually usable cross-section of these circular waveguides remains constant for all sound frequencies. The result: an extremely homogeneous, balanced speaker cable with a wide-ranging sound spectrum.
  • ?The testers anticipated improvements in the family ? and were still surprised by the LS-1203. Here the sound demonstrated that the total of all the family?s good genes was more than the sum of its parts.? (Audiophile 3/2011)


  • The flow of current causes magnetic fields to be created in the cable, leading to a partial loss of power. High frequencies are slowed down ? and time lag is created between low and high sound frequencies.
  • The circular arrangement of several wires around the polyethylene support causes the magnetic fields of plus and minus conductors to overlap and neutralise each other. The high sound frequencies are transported unhindered and synchronously.


  • As the frequency rises, the signal increasingly flows on the conductor surface. The higher the frequency, the lower the effective cross-section, and the greater the resistance.
  • The cable sounds ?bass-heavy?. The conductors from the LS-1203 have a core made of polyethylene. In this way, a circular waveguide is formed and the actual cross-section used is the same for all sound frequencies.
  • The result: a homogeneous, balanced speaker cable with a wide-ranging sound spectrum.


  • The rhodium surface treatment is extremely durable. The contact surfaces and the screw connection are manufactured from a single piece, allowing contact resistance to be avoided.
  • The spade changes shape. The contact surface, which is slit on the side, changes to a concave shape when the screw connections are tightened, thus preventing the spade lug from sliding out.
  • 12-fold Multicore
  • High-Speed waveguide technology
  • Concentric Copper
  • DUO-PE II insulation around each conductor
  • PE network jacket reduces micro-vibrations and capacitance
  • High Power Management
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