Harman Kardon NC model Over-ear headphones

Harman Kardon

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Harman Kardon NC headphones feature an exclusive acoustic system that integrates superb mechanical design, materials and electronics. Lightweight and comfortable, NC headphones let you take the beautiful sound with you wherever you go.
  • Sophisticated, modern design
  • Active-noise cancellation technology
  • Passive playback mode
  • USB-rechargeable

User-exchangeable bows, self-adjusting housings, soft leather cups and slow-retention ear-cup foam ensure a comfortable fit and an optimal acoustic seal around the ear.

The NC model employs the proprietary HARMAN closed-loop active-noise-cancelling technology developed for acoustic installations in luxury cars. The USB-rechargeable NC headphones have a battery that lasts up to 40 hours. Unlike many other noise-cancelling headphones, even when the battery dies, the NC headphones will playback.


  • Sophisticated, modern design
  • Proprietary, active-noise cancellation technology
  • Passive playback mode
  • Optimized driver system
  • Sonic clarity and accuracy even at low volume levels
  • User-interchangeable metal bows and self-adjusting housings
  • Slow-retention premium foam ? USB-rechargeable
  • 2D folding mechanism and premium carrying case


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