Flexson SONOS PLAY:1 ColourPlay Skin


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Add a splash of color to the basic black or white of SONOS PLAY:1, PLAY:3, and PLAY:5 speakers. ColourPlay makes it easy for your speakers to match your decor or provide a pop color.
  • UV resistant
  • Provide a pop color.
  • Skins can be easily removed

ColourPlay skins for SONOS speakers are made from a special flexible vinyl material that is UV resistant. It uses a slow drying adhesive to enable the cover to be maneuvered into its final position while thousands of micropores avoid any bubbling. Skins can be easily removed later or replaced with no residue whatsoever.

Available in Racing Red Gloss, Candy Pink Gloss, Cobalt Blue Gloss, Sunflower Yellow Gloss, and Imperial Purple Matt.

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