Epson EB-Z9900WNL Installation Multimedia Projectors


Epson EB-Z9900WNL Installation Multimedia Projectors has cinema quality WXGA images.This has the power of 9,200 lumens and 3 brighter colors, and reliable performance.
  • Incredible HDBaseT and diverse connectivity
  • 360 Degree Projection
  • Multi-PC Projection



  • 3x Brighter Colours, and reliable performance ? 3LCD, 3-chip technology
  • 9,200 Lumens ? Dazzling brightness designed for use in auditoriums and large venues
  • Versatile connectivity ? Supports the latest connectivity options, including HDBaseT?, HDMI?, DVI and 3G-SDI
  • Dual-lamp design with lamp select/relay function ? Get both power savings and projector redundancy; includes an innovative liquid cooling system for added reliability
  • Advanced image processing ? Cinema filter, Farojia DCDi Chip, Super Resolution, Frame interpolation
  • Portrait Projection ? Allows users to turn the projector 90 degrees and use it in “portrait” mode. Great for digital signage, fashion shows, art galleries and museums
  • Flexible installation for an immersive experience in any setting ? Built-in Curved Edge Blending, Portrait Mode projection, and 360-degree installation
  • Seven optional lenses with lens shift ? Including short, wide, rear and long throw lenses designed with a change-out lever for easy installation
  • Status Monitor ? Access the projectors vital information without having to turn the unit on
  • 24/7 Operation ? With advanced installation flexibility and continuous use, Epson?s Installation projectors are suitable for almost any application
  • 4 Year Projector Warranty ? Enjoy peace of mind


3LCD Technology

  • All Epson projectors are based on 3-chip LCD technology for amazing colour,

incredible detail and solid reliability.

  • 3LCD?s 3-chip architecture dedicates an entire chip to process each primary colour

? red, green and blue, continuously.

Up to 3x Brighter Colours with Epson Projectors*

  • Epson projectors use 3LCD Engines that have no colour wheel with a white segment and

therefore don’t force a trade-off between white and colour brightness.

  • If you are looking for business and education projectors or 720p home entertainment projectors,

know that choosing Epson projectors means up to 3x brighter colours.

  • All Epson projectors list both White Brightness and Colour Brightness specifications..

9,2000 lumens

  • The Epson EB-Z9900WNL features an innovative dual lamp system enabling it to achieve

a dazzling 9,200 lumens light output and 9,200 lumens colour light output making

it an ideal selection for use in auditoriums and large venues.

?Award-winning Faroudja DCDi Cinema for Advanced Video Quality

  • The Epson Z Series features a Faroudja DCDi Cinema chipset, a video enhancement technology
  • That produces exceptional image quality without introducing artefacts.

Enhanced Super Resolution Technology for Sharp, Rich Images

  • Epson?s Super Resolution technology makes standard, and high definition content
  • It delivers crisp, clear images with super high-quality resolution, and sharpens blurry images
  • That have been enlarged by a general upscaling process.

State-of-the-art Fine Frame Interpolation Processing Technology

  • A movie is a series of still frames, shown in quick succession.
  • Traditional movies are shot at 24 frames per second (fps).
  • However, in some cases, fast-moving objects may have moved too fast to be captured on film.
  • So they appear to jump from one part of the screen to another.

Incredible HDBaseT and diverse connectivity

  • Connect with virtually any system including HDBaseT, 3G-SDI1, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, BNC.

LAN connectivity.

  • Cutting-edge HDBaseT technology means just ne single CAT-5/6 cable carries Full HD video.

audio, network

360 Degree Projection

  • The Epson Z Series can be rotated 360? in any direction for off-axis positioning flexibility.
  • As a result, they can be used for a wide range of applications,
  • Epson technology keeps the projector running without compromising performance

Edge Blending

  • Enhance the experience with seamless panoramic
  • Multi-screen images that blend edges by matching colour and brightness perfectly.
  • The Epson Z Series now supports Portrait Projection, perfect for digital signage.

Corner Wall and Curved Surface Projection

  • Quickly and precisely correct any vertical or horizontal distortion of an image
  • These features allow for greater flexibility when choosing a projection surface.
  • Enhance your viewers experience by projecting your content

Arc Correction

  • Using arc correction, you can adjust each side of a projected image in an arch or barrel-shaped way,
  • Making it easier than ever to get a perfectly rectangular image.

Split Screen

  • Split Screen allows users to display content from two inputs simultaneously,
  • This makes it possible to display video and presentation materials simultaneously.

DICOM Simulation Mode

  • DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) is a standard for handling,

storing, printing and transmitting medical imaging information.

  • The projector?s DICOM Simulation Mode enables users to reproduce images with

an advanced grayscale level that simulates DICOM Part 14.

  • This mode is ideal for viewing grayscale medical images,

such as X-rays, for training and educational purposes.

Multi-PC Projection

  • Epson Multi-PC Projection allows you to display four individual PC screens simultaneously

over the network (wired or wireless), with another 12 users connected to the same projector

on Standby mode.

  • You can drag and drop participants into or out of one of the four quadrants.

Tool Free Operation

  • Reduce set up time with tool free, easy access to the lens, lamps and connectivity.

Powered Lens Shift

  • In addition to added reliability and amazing colour performance, Epson?s industry-leading

3LCD technology enables the projector to achieve a wide range of lens shift capabilities.

Web Control Window

  • Connect the projector to the network to simplify the installation process.
  • Adjust the colour mode, image settings, source, aspect ratio and more all from a PC or Tablet.

Status Monitor

  • Access the projectors vital information without having to turn the unit on.
  • The new LCD status monitor allows users to check source, resolution, lamp information and network settings.

Seven Optional lenses

  • The Z Series offers increased placement flexibility, with a 1.6x standard lens.
  • For even greater flexibility, Epson offers a total of six lenses with varying ranges including short, wide and rear,

along with mid- to long-throw lenses

Dual Lamp

  • The Epson Z Series projectors boast a dual lamp system (two 380W lamps) that eliminates the risk of interruption.
  • If one lamp were to fail, operation would continue, using the other lamp. Each lamp has a long lamp life

? up to 4,000 hours in ECO Mode, up to 3,000 hours in Normal Mode.

Quiet, Reliable Liquid Cooling System*

  • Epson?s innovative system uses liquid to cool the LCD chips directly.
  • The liquid absorbs the heat and is then cooled by a Peltier device
  • Which is then cooled by a fan, thereby keeping the overall optical engine cool.

Easy maintenance

  • Offering convenient access to the lamps and filter, the Epson Z Series makes maintenance easier than ever,

even if the projector is ceiling mounted.

  • The lamp cover is located on the rear side panel and there are no screws, so the lid can be removed without any special tools.

Continuous 24 Hour Use

  • Enjoy the flexibility of running your projector 24/7 with guaranteed performance and reliability.
  • With Epson?s latest generation of inorganic LCD panels and unique optimised cooling systems,
  • The Z Series projectors are capable of 24/7 use warranted up to 15,000 hrs.
SKU: EB-Z9900WNL Category:
Weight 25000 g
Dimensions 741 × 534 × 255 mm




  • EB-Z9900WNL Projector, 3m Power Cable, 1.8m Computer Cable, Remote Control, 2 x AA Batteries, HDMI Cable Clamp, Power Cord Clamp, Foot Cover, Manual, Projection Software CDROM. (STD Lens not Included)


  • Projection System : RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system
  • LCD Panel      :        1.03-inch wide panel with MLA  (D8, C2 Fine)


  • Zoom :1 – 1.61 (Optical)
  • Screen Size: 60″ to 500″ [1.99m to 17.17m] (Zoom: Wide)
  • 60″ to 500″ [3.26m to 27.77m] (Zoom: Tele)
  • Projection Distance: 100″ screen 3.37 m – 5.49 m
  • Throw Ratio :1.57 (Zoom:Wide), 2.56 (Zoom:Tele)
  • Projection Lens F Number :1.65 – 2.51
  • Projection Lens Focal Length: 36.00mm-57.35mm
  • Focus Method: Powered


  • Colour Light Output :9,200 Lumens
  • White Light Output: 9,200 Lumens
  • Resolution :WXGA
  • Native Aspect Ratio :16:10
  • Contrast Ratio :15,000:1
  • Lamp Hours :2,500 hours (Normal (5) Std-Lamp x 2)

4,000 hours (ECO Std-Lamp x 2)

1,000 hours (Portrait Lamp x 2)

  • Lamp Type: 380 W UHE x 2 For Std-Lamp

304 W UHE x 2 For Portrait Lamp

  • Keystone Correction (With Std Lens) :Vertical: -30 to +30 degrees

Horizontal: -30 to +30 degrees

  • Lens Shift Vertical: -60% to +60% (Powered)

Horizontal: -18% to +18% (Powered)

  • Tilt Angle -3.5 to 3.5 degrees


  • Input: Video:1 x RCA (Yellow), 1 x S-Video, 1 x 5BNC
  • Input: Computer :1x D-sub 15-Pin (RGB)
  • Input: Digital :1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI-D
  • Input: SDI –
  • Input: Audio –
  • Input: Control :1 x RS232c, 1 x Stereo mini-jack (Remote)
  • Input: Network: I/O 1 x RJ45, 1 x USB Type A (for optional Wireless LAN unit)
  • Input: HDBaseT: 1 x RJ45
  • Wireless Connectivity :Optional
  • Output: Video :1 x Monitor Out (via D-sub 15-pin)
  • Output: Audio –


  • EasyMP Network & Control: Yes
  • EasyMP Network Projection :Yes
  • Wireless LAN :Optional
  • Split Screen: Yes
  • Edge Blending :Yes
  • Curved Screen Projection :Yes
  • Corner Wall Projection :Yes
  • Frame Interpolation :Yes
  • 360 Degrees Projection :Yes
  • Lamp Select :Dual / Single / Lamp 1 / Lamp 2
  • Instant Off :Yes
  • Direct Power: On/Off Yes


  • Kensington®-style lock provision
  • Password protect function
  • Security cable hole

Colour Modes :

  • Dynamic, Presentation, Theatre, Photo, sRGB, DICOM SIM, Multi-Projection


  • Dimensions D x W x H (Including Feet) :741 × 534 × 255 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 25kg (Including Std Lens)
  • Lamp Warranty: 1 Year or 750 hours*
  • Projector Warranty :4 Years or 20,000 Hours**
  • Power Consumption: Lamp on – 2 Lamps 948W
  • Power Consumption: Standby 0.37W
  • Noise Level – 2 Lamps Normal/Eco: 38/35 dB

* Whichever comes first. For more information visit Epson Projector Warranty
** 15,000hrs for 24/7 use

PRODUCT OPTIONS    Item Code          Description

V12H004S04  Standard Zoom Lens

V12H004R04   Rear Projection Wide Lens

V12H004U02   Short Throw Lens

V12H004M06    Middle Throw Zoom Lens 1

V12H004M07     Middle Throw Zoom Lens 2

V12H004L07     Long Throw Zoom Lens

V13H010L81      Replacement Lamp

V13H010L8        Portrait Lamp

V13H134A46      Replacement Filter

V12H547053      HDBaseT Transmitter

V12H418P13    Wireless LAN adaptor

V12H003B26    Telescopic Ceiling Mount

V12H003B25    Flush Ceiling mount

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