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  • Frequency Response (+/-3dB) : 20Hz – 22kHz
  • Cartridge Type: AT-91E (MM)


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Contemporary vinyl lovers have long had to choose between tacky new-age designs or cheap imitations that ruin your records. Why can?t you have quality and classic design? So, bucking trends we built an all-new, fully automatic turntable reminiscent of vinyl?s heyday. That means no gimmicks, no record cuing, and no manually returning your tonearm when the album?s finished, just a lifetime of effortless vinyl playback. And because everything you once loved about records is everything you still love about records, we gave it a traditional timber finish worthy of your home?s aesthetic.

But classic preferences don?t mean outdated practices. As a first or returning turntable user you need options. Will you use an amplifier or will you plug straight into a speaker ? it?s your choice. To ensure you have those choices, the CS 458 is available with or without an internal phono preamplifier. Plus, our very own E(asy) motion tonearm design with bearing upgrade and solid wood chassis removes resonance and improves playback, helping you hear detail you didn?t know was there. And because we appreciate just how precious your records are, Dual turntables are German made. That way we can ensure your favourite records are still spinning long after the anniversary edition re-releases.

At Dual, we also understand that buying online makes peace of mind important. That means zero hiccups when your new turntable arrives. Taking this into account, each Dual turntable is carefully packaged, incorporating the use of uniquely designed travel clips, to ensure your record player remains pristine no matter where it?s going. And because we want you up and running fast, and entirely stress free, we?ve provided an easy setup instruction guide, helping you get it right the first time.



Turntables can be plugged into two types of system: amplifiers (stereo & surround sound) or Bluetooth & Powered Speakers.

If you have a stereo or surround sound amplifier, check your input selection/connections. If there is an input labelled PHONO, choose the CS 458 without internal phono preamplifier. If it doesn?t, choose CS 458 EV with internal phono preamplifier.

If you have either Bluetooth or powered speaker(s), you’ll need to do the same. If there is no input labelled PHONO, and for Bluetooth and powered speakers this is often the case, choose CS 458 EV with inbuilt phono preamplifier.

Remember, without a phono preamplifier somewhere within your setup there is no sound through your speakers.

Weight 6000 g
Dimensions 360 × 430 × 130 mm

Rotational speed 33/45 rpm
Synchronization fluctuations (% DIN / WRMS) 0.07 / 0.04%
Rumpel-to-voltage distance 48 dB
Rumble to noise ratio 72 dB
Transmission range 20 Hz – 22 kHz
Depth scanning ability 70 ym (300 Hz)
Height sensing ability 0.55% (10 kHz)
Resonance frequency 10 Hz
Eff. Tonearm length 211 mm
Overhang 19.5 mm
Crank angle 26.1 °


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