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Denon DP-29F Fully Automatic Turntable



Key Features:

  • Built-in RIAA phono equalizer
  • Diecast aluminum
  • Powered by a DC servo motor and belt drive system
  • 33 1/3 or 45 rpm speed


Automatic Turntable with Phono

The DP-29F has been designed to give you maximum enjoyment out of your valuable collection of analogue records. The DP-29F features an automatic system that starts the music at the simple touch of a button, and when the music stops, the tone arm automatically returns to its original position and the turntable stops rotating. This system ensures that you do not inadvertently scratch your records when you play them.

Available in black (DP-29FA) or silver (DP-29FE), the DP-29F also includes a PHONO (Moving Magnet) equalizer, enabling you to connect the turntable directly to an integrated amp that does not have a PHONO equalizer.


Weight 6200 g
Dimensions 97 × 360 × 357 mm


Available colors: Premium Silver / Black No / Yes
Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 360 x 97 x 357 mm
Weight in kg 6.2


Rated Output 2.5 mV / 1 kHz
Frequency Range FM 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Rated Output Phono EQ 150 mV / 1 kHz
Frequency Range Phono EQ 20 Hz – 20 kHz


Motor: AC / DC No / Yes
Drive System: Belt / Direct Yes / No
Bearing: Ceramic / Metal No / Yes
Operation: Automatic / Manual Yes / No
Speed: 33-1/3 & 45 RPM Yes / Yes
Wow & flutter 0.15 % (WRMS)
Phono EQ built in (switchable) Yes
Stylus (MM / MC) Yes / No
Stylus version DSN-82
Belt Rubber Silicon Yes / No


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