Denon AH-W150 Wireless Fitness Headphones


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Whether you?re just starting to get back into shape or training for a marathon, listening to music while you work out can enhance your performance, helping you meet your fitness goals faster.
  • Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Connectivity
  • Secure fit and sweat
  • Smart Phone Control: Ear Piece Controls

  • In fact, clinical studies have proven that music enhances athletic performance by as much as 20%.
  • We believe our Exercise Freak wireless headphones can boost your performance by much more since there are no wires to contend with.
  • Just go to any gym and you?ll see the common frustrations of headphone listening ? cords get tangled in weights or gym equipment, make unwanted noise effects while jogging, and just generally get in the way.


Unleash your Maximum

Performance with Wireless
Bluetooth 3.0 Connectivity:

  • Denon?s Exercise Freak In-Ear headphones feature Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. No more surprise yanking an earpiece out of your ear when the cable gets tangled in your arms as your walk or run, no more taping wires down on your body, no more running wires underneath your shirt, no more worries.
  • With a range of up to 25 feet, you can even set your smartphone down on a treadmill or on the floor when you?re lifting weights at the gym for a fitness experience so liberating that you may forget where your phone is in the gym (we do recommend you keep an eye on that).

Your ?Power Song?

will push you to excel, thanks to professional tuning and an integrated amplifier:

  • We know that the right song can be more motivating than a personal trainer. Hear it on a pair of Denon Exercise Freak Headphones and you just may put the personal trainer out of business. Exercise Freak headphones feature an integrated amplifier and are professionally tuned to provide heart-pounding bass to energize your workouts, no matter what your power song is. These headphones feature a 7-hour rechargeable battery (charging cable included) and provide audio alerts for low battery status and operation feedback.

Take back Control?

with Denon?s Integrated Controls and Microphones:

  • We know that for some of you, your fitness routine is the one time of the day that you get the chance to think, to reflect, and to focus on yourself.
  • Denon?s integrated controls allow you to adjust the volume, play/pause your music and even choose to answer that phone call?.or ignore it.

Secure fit and sweat

the proof design allows you to focus on your workout

  • We are so passionate about making the best-in-class fitness headphones that we tested several design prototypes on fitness gurus as they ran, walked, lifted weights, and even did yoga and finally came up with the right design.
  • Denon?s Exercise Freak Headphones feature a flexible neckband and articulating in-ear design to fit you perfectly.
  • These headphones were designed to be sweatproof and feature built-in air cushions on each side for comfort and added ventilation.


Backband for safe evening workouts

  • The Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphones also include a reflector on the neckband to provide added safety for evening workout activities.
  • The Exercise Freak AH-W150BK In-Ear headphones also come with anti-microbial silicone ear tips (XS, S, M, L), USB Micro cable (for charging the battery), and a blue mesh carrying case.
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  • In Ear

Driver Size

  • 11.5mm

Active NC

  • N


  • Y


  • Black/Blue/Yellow/Orange

Smart Phone Control

  • Ear Piece Controls

Leather Headband

  • N/A

Hanger Construction

  • N/A

Ear Cup

  • N/A

Folding Mechanism

  • N/A

Detachable Cable

  • N/A

Denon App

  • We have discontinued our Sport App. We recommend using “Record by Under Armour”-which offers similar functionality-by visiting the Google Store or App Store.


  • Carry Case, Ear Sleeves, USB Charging Cable