Denon AH-D7200 Over-Ear Headphone


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AH-D7200 is Denon?s new reference headphone, drawing on more than 50 years? experience in headphone design and development. Over five decades we have refined our expertise in making fine-sounding headphones so comfortable you?ll just want to keep on listening.
  • Ultra-high-quality connection
  • Unique FreeEdge driver technology
  • Wearing comfort

  • These premium headphones use our unique, Japanese-made FreeEdge drivers, which deliver a precise pistonic motion for ultra-accurate sound with minimal distortion.
  • The drivers are mounted on vibration-reducing engineering resin baffles, fitted into self-damping real walnut housings designed to bring warmth and life to the sound.
  • A detachable 7N-purity copper cable, made in Japan to Denon?s exacting specification, ensures the best possible signal transmission ? it?s fitted with a durable machine-cut metal plug with an ornamental copper ring.
  • The ear cups are suspended on a headband finished in real sheepskin leather, with ergonomically curved diecast aluminum hangers, while the memory foam ear-cushions are covered with an extremely soft artificial leather developed specifically for the AH-D7200.
  • Every part of this no-compromise design is all about sound quality, comfort ? and the ultimate listening experience.



Ultra-high-quality connection

  • A detachable 7N-purity copper cable, made in Japan to Denon’s exacting specification, ensure the best possible signal transmission – it’s fitted with a durable machine-cut metal plug with an ornamental copper ring.

Unique FreeEdge driver technology

  • At the heart of the AH-D7200 is that 50mm FreeEdge driver diaphragm, made from a nano-fiber material chosen for its rigidity and low mass.
  • This delivers an accurate pistonic motion without distorting and is also self-damping to cancel out unwanted resonances within the diaphragm.
  • It?s mounted in a soft, compliant surround, making it easier for it to move in response to the music signal without flexing or distorting, for the purest possible sound.

Real wood


  • The beautiful 100% natural walnut ear cups enhance the sound experience.
  • They are self-damping and strong, eliminating unwanted vibrations for super-detailed reproduction that brings concert hall-like life, warmth, and musicality to your listening experience.

Luxurious craftsmanship

  • The outside of the headband is adorned with natural sheepskin leather for a soft luxurious feel, while the inside uses stitched engineered leather for ultimate comfort and durability.

Wearing comfort

  • The headband deploys perfectly ergonomically contoured die-cast aluminum construction for optimized comfort and fit.
  • The ear-pads are gently wrapped in an extremely soft engineered leather developed specifically for the AH-D7200, and memory foam, allowing them to conform to the shape of your head for the most comfortable fit. Every component of this compromise-free design is all about sound quality and comfort – the ultimate listening experience.



  • To accommodate varied head-sizes, the adjustable headband uses positive ball-bearing click-stops for precise and repeatable adjustment.
  • Numbered markings indicate how to restore your personal setting quickly and precisely.
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