Crosley Record Storage Crate & N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton – Vinyl Album Bundle


21 in stock


21 in stock

“Straight Outta Compton” by N.W.A. on Vinyl is a groundbreaking and influential album that revolutionized the world of hip-hop. This iconic release features tracks like the title song “Straight Outta Compton,” “Express Yourself,” and “Gangsta Gangsta,” showcasing the raw and unapologetic storytelling of N.W.A. The warm, authentic sound of vinyl amplifies the album’s powerful beats and bold lyrics, providing an immersive and nostalgic listening experience. A must-have for hip-hop enthusiasts and music aficionados, this vinyl album remains an essential cornerstone in the genre’s history, solidifying N.W.A.’s impact and shaping the future of rap music.

Go crate-digging through your own collection with the Bundled Crosley Record Storage Crate. Fire-branded with the iconic Crosley logo this lightweight crate gives plenty of room to fill it with precious LPs.

– 1 x N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton Vinyl Album
– 1 x Crosley Record Storage Crate
– Integrated Carry Handles
– Holds approximately 75 albums
– Finished In Solid Wood


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