Crosley 5 In 1 Record Cleaning Set & Crosley Record Storage Display Stand Bundle


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Whether you have a massive collection or you’re just getting into vinyl, help keep your records so fresh and so clean with this 5-in-1 cleaning set from Crosley. Bundled with the Record Storage Display Stand, keep your records neatly in line with the grooved surfaces of our holder. Grooves prevent your records from clumping up on one side while allowing easy access to get your records out and your groove on.

With a shatterproof and scratch-resistant design, this high-quality acrylic is designed to give you a long-lasting clear view of your records. Sturdy and rugged, the acrylic also holds up the weight of your records. Simple. Elegant. Practical. Our minimalist design begins where form meets function, bringing beauty to your record collection. Holds between 20-30 albums.


– Carbon fibre brush
– Microfibre cleaning cloth
– Stylus Brush
– 200ml cleaning solution
– Folding Vinyl record stand
– Dimensions: 8.99 cm W x 19.50 cm D x 8.00 cm H
– Includes a Record Storage Display Stand


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