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Stream your music to the X10 from a computer or device or play music via USB. The possibilities are endless with this innovative little device.
  • Networking and Music Streaming
  • Internet Radio
  • USB Host Port of X10


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Revolutionary hi-fi Audio System, CD storage & Music Streamer

The X10 is an excellent all-in-one hi-fi system that includes CD storage and a media streamer. The X10 can play audio CDs like an ordinary CD player while also being able to store the data from your CDs digitally. On top of this, it’s great for music streaming, internet radio, networking, use with smartphones, and much more. Load your whole CD collection onto the X10 to give you instant access to any of your repertoire.

More than just hi-fi components

The X10 has a high-speed frontal sliding optical drive with internal storage to load your entire CD collection. The X10 has a high fidelity 60W amplifier inside for optimal performance with any hi-fi system or speakers. The X10 only measures 18cm (w) X 14.7cm (d) X 9.8cm (h) making it very compact – it easily fits in or around your other equipment. With a simple design & high-quality finish, the X10 will fit comfortably in any room.

When we say your entire CD collection, we mean it.

How many audio CDs do you have? About 500 CDs? 1000? more? Just load them all into the X10. You can now scroll through your entire music collection on the X10 with remote control. The X10 allows you to rediscover your unplayed CD collection that had been kept away for years without having to deal with the clutter of sorting through your collection each and every time.

500 GB
Encoding option
WAV (uncompressed) – 650 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 128 k – 7,500 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 192 k – 5,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 320 k – 3,000 CDs

1000 GB
WAV (uncompressed) – 1,300 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 128 k – 15,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 192 k – 10,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 320 k – 6,000 CDs

2000 GB
WAV (uncompressed) – 2,600 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 128 k – 30,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 192 k – 20,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 320 k – 12,000 CDs

How is music played from the X10?

It’s extremely easy to search your collection by title, artist, album using the remote control or a USB keyboard. The X10 has a full colour 3.5″ screen, making it simple to search and find the music you want.

convert your collection of records or cassettes!

Record your old records cassettes and tapes to the X10. Once recorded, you can add album covers and music tags. Enjoy the ease of having access to all your music in one place.

Networking and Music Streaming

The X10 can be added to your network through Ethernet (100Base-Tx/10Base-T) LAN or WiFi. The X10 supports SAMBA as well as UPnP (server/client). With network connectivity, the X10 can stream, play & copy files from a remote computer to its hard drive. Any shared folders on your computer can also be viewed on the X10 screen. Multiple X10s can also play or stream music from one source.

Internet Radio

Enjoy Internet radio ? streaming media as well as dynamic internet radio in.PLS & .M3U formats. You can search for your favourite stations by continent, country, genre & much more.
Add desired Internet radio stations to a favourites list for easy access or record your favourite programs.

Extension to your existing audio system

The X10 provides SPDIF (Optical out), Line (AUX) in, Line out, and loudspeaker connectors. Just connect the X10 to an amplifier with an optical audio cable or a line-in cable. Enjoy
brilliant sound through any audio system. In this way, the X10 can act as your main audio source.

USB Host Port of X10

USB hand-held devices such as memory sticks & MP3 players are supported by the X10.

Music Data Backup

Backup all of your stored music on to an external source – storage devices, network drives or NAS devices.

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Dimensions 147 × 180 × 98 mm

Model name : X10

CD player

Type                                                             Front loading
Supported media                              CD, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R/RW
Supported audio codec & format   MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, M4A, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, PCM,

Amplifier (built in)

Rated output (8ohm) of
speaker out

  • 30W+30W @1KHz, 8ohm, 1% THD

Head phone out

  • 100mW+100mW @1KHz, 16ohm, 0.1% THD

Line out

  • 2Vrms @1KHz, 0.1% THD

Input sensitivity of
Line (AUX) in

  • Max 1Vrms


  • 3.5″ colour TFT LCD for various menu with vivid high quality graphic user interface (GUI)


  • Line (AUX) in


  • Line-out, Speaker out, Headphone out, SPDIF (Optical out)



  • Wired – Ethernet (10/100) LAN
  • Wireless (Optional) – 802.11b/g/n WiFi USB dongle


  • Host x 2 each – High speed 2.0 host port
  • Target x 1 each –  High speed 2.0 target for PC

Power supply

Audio power supply

  • Linear power supply

CPU power supply

  • 150W internal SMPS

Supported storage


  • 3.5 inch SATA(1/2) hard disk (** support up to 2 Terabytes)

File system

  • NTFS and FAT32 (** NTFS recommended)

Supported OSD language

  • English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Danish, Korean, etc ( To be added by request)


  • 18(W) X 9.8(H) X 14.7(D) Cm


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