Cambridge Audio SX Series Home Theatre Package

Cambridge Audio

This Cambridge Audio Home Theatre Pack includes:
  • 1 x Pair SX80 floor standing speakers
  • 1 x SX70 centre speaker
  • 2 x SX50 bookshelf speakers
  • 1 x SX120 subwoofer

$3,399 $3,896

SX80 offers the power and presence of floorstanding speakers at an exceptionally competitive price. They deliver an effortless, full-range soundstage that captures the scale and weight of even the largest and most demanding passages of music whilst maintaining the speed and finesse of their smaller relatives. SX80 are a stylish and room-friendly option that sit happily in a wide variety of spaces and will enthral with their sonic performance.

The SX70 centre speaker has been designed from the ground up to match perfectly with the rest of the SX range both acoustically and aesthetically to bring you an unparalleled home cinema experience. The centre speaker has one of the most demanding roles in audio. It has to deliver critical information on the screen at the same time as tying the image from the left and right speakers into one seamless soundstage.

SX50 is a pair of compact bookshelf speakers that can sit in the tightest and most demanding of spaces whilst still producing a confident, room-filling sound. Thanks to careful engineering, SX50 speakers offer the listener an immense hi-fi sound stage and unrivalled value for money.

The SX120 handles a smaller part of the overall frequency response than any other speaker, a subwoofer requires careful design and engineering. It has to deliver deep, powerful bass that is fast and well defined enough to integrate seamlessly with your other speakers. The SX120 subwoofer was designed from the ground up by our engineers in London, with a custom 8-inch driver and a powerful 70W RMS amplifier. Components were carefully handpicked and then painstakingly voiced as complete units to meet these demanding criteria. The SX-120 is ideally suited to complement other models in the SX speaker range, adding a deep and rich bass extension to your music. And thanks to our decades of audio expertise, this performance is brought to you at an exceptionally reasonable price.



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