Cambridge Audio iD50 iPod Dock


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This unit can be used in conjunction with the Cambridge Audio AM10 Stereo Amplifier or the Cambridge Audio SR10 Stereo Receiver

We love the iPod and our hi-fi systems do too! Let?s face it, nothing beats the convenience of having all your favorite tunes at your fingertips. But once you get your iPod home, are you really getting the most from it?

Enter the iD50, an iPod dock on a mission to actually improve the sound of your digital music thanks to Cambridge Audio?s quasi-differential noise-canceling technology.

The iD50 also enables you to watch iPod video through your TV and control it from the comfort of the sofa using the navigation on your TV. There?s no better way to make the most of your iPod once you?re home and you?ll be amazed to hear just how much you?ve been missing out on.

The majority of Cambridge Audio’s Navigator remotes are also able to control basic iPod functions so you can choose your favorite track from the comfort of your sofa.

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