Cambridge Audio HDMI 714 (3m)


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For home cinema fans wanting a high performance cable that will perform not just now, but well into the future, the Cambridge Audio HDMI 714 is the automatic choice.

  • High Speed Cable + Ethernet 10.2gbs
  • Beyond 1080p compatible
  • 3D TV support
  • 24K Gold-plated connections
  • Triple shielded
  • HD Audio Ready
  • Audio Return channel


Out of stock

Key to the Cambridge Audio HDMI 714’s top performance is its very high compliance. Conforming to the “High Speed Cable + Ethernet 10.2gbs” standard, the HDMI 714 is fully equipped for the exciting new world of 3D TV and beyond. It also guarantees the Cambridge HDMI 714 is fully compatible with above 1080p signals, Dolby DTS-HD lossless surround and x.v. colour. In short, this cable doesn’t just meet today’s standards, it meets future standards, too.

Above and beyond this high compliance, the Cambridge HDMI 714 also delivers both at the lab and at home. Cambridge Audio measure all their HDMI cables using the ‘Eye Pattern’ test. Effectively, this means analyzing its cables on an oscilloscope to ensure that the digital signal is unbroken and a true eye pattern is revealed on the read out. In addition to its guaranteed specification, the HDMI 714 is extremely well made. Ergonomically designed plugs with cable strain relief are designed to be easy to grip; well worth having when you’re trying to reach an awkward socket around the back of a TV. They’re also gold-plated, giving a low resistance connection that promises to last. Triple-layer shielding with premium grade Mylar foil maintains extremely low noise levels and gives you a super-crisp picture quality with sound quality to match.

One final useful feature is the Audio Return Channel (ARC). ARC lets you connect your TV to AV receiver and enjoy both the sound from it and the picture to it with just one cable.


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