Cambridge Audio Azur 751R V2 AV Receiver

Cambridge Audio

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With this in mind, they always ensure their AV receivers deliver the same audio performance levels as our award winning stereo amplifiers, meaning that you don?t need two separate systems for music and movies.
  • 3D and 4K compatible
  • Multi-room connectivity
  • Weight: 17.4kg (38.3lbs)
  • Colour: Black
  • ATF2 upsampling


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SOUND FIRST DESIGN?– Cambridge Audio’s number one rule is that sound quality always comes first.? So, as well as delivering the usual features and effects processing, unlike many other AV receivers on the market, the 751R V2 also makes all of your music ? and soundtracks ? sound fantastic.CLASS LEADING CONNECTIVITY?– As well as comprehensive upscaling and upsampling capabilities, the 751R V2 has a full range of top-end home cinema receiver features: 7.1 analog inputs and outputs (with the option to run twin subwoofers), and a comprehensive range of HDMI inputs and outputs.
The 751R V2 has 6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs, all of which are 4K and 3D compatible and support for an audio return channel (ARC). The 751R V2 even has an asynchronous USB audio input, acting as a high-quality external sound card, allowing you to send up to 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality files to the 751R V2 from your computer.

MULTI-ROOM CONNECTIONS?– The 751R V2 features two HDMI outputs. These can be used to run two displays at the same time; ideal if you have a screen in a second room, or want to use a projector for movies, but a TV screen for day to day use.
For full flexibility, you can run an independent zone 2 output from the 751R V2 meaning you can run audio and video into a second room and then watch or listen to different sources in both rooms. Our zone 2 also features our unique ?Follow Main? option. ?Follow Main? lets you listen to the same digital source that is playing in the main room, in the second room (most modern amps will only let you hear analogue sources in the second room).

SUPPORT FOR THE LATEST FORMATS?- With the very latest technologies ? including the Texas Instruments dual 32-bit DSP for compatibility with all the latest CODECs and formats, including 4K and 3D video, the 751R V2 will handle future formats for years to come.
SIMPLE SET-UP?- You can easily set up the 751R V2 by yourself using the Audyssey 2EQ auto speaker setup. For quick and simple installation in any room this system uses the supplied microphone to perform multiple measurements of the listening environment and automatically sets the receiver up for optimum use dependent on your room?s acoustics.
SURROUND SOUND MODES MATCH YOUR SPEAKER SETUP –?Personal preferences and room restrictions means every 5.1 or 7.1 speaker configuration will be slightly different, so it is possible the original master track of a 7.1 soundtrack was mastered with a different speaker layout than the one in your home. There are seven different layouts used by DTS (Digital Theater Surround) for DTS HD and DTS HD Master soundtracks. To ensure you enjoy the sound as the original sound engineers intended (without moving the speakers every time) the 751R V2 will electronically reposition each speaker to create the same experience as the recording studio or cinema.

SUPERB POWER??– The 751R V2 outputs 200 watts per channel, meaning that it can easily drive most loudspeakers really effectively. There?s also a bi-amp mode which means that when using a 5.1 set-up, the unused 6th and 7th channels can be used instead to bi-amp the front left and right channels, delivering the extra punch and control required by any high-quality pair of front speakers.

SUPERIOR AUDIO – Cambridge Audio only uses pure audiophile components, from the high-quality DACs and dedicated USB audio input for your computer, to the audiophile-grade, oversize toroidal transformer which is why the 751R V2 is one of the most powerful AV receivers in its class, outputting 200 watts per channel! The 751R V2 even features our proprietary ATF2 audio upsampling technology, which upsamples all incoming audio to 24-bit/192kHz to deliver the highest quality sound with the lowest possible distortion and jitter.

The 751R V2 has two powerful Texas Instruments 32-bit DSPs which not only ensure compatibility with all the latest CODECs and formats, including 4K and 3D video but also carry out complicated post-processing functions. This allows us to perform things like DTS remapping, and height channel processing, so that whatever your speaker configuration and whatever the source, you?ll be getting the best possible sound quality.

We then they a 3rd DSP which runs their proprietary ATF2 audio upsampling technology. This upsamples all audio to 24-bit/192kHz, providing the ultimate sound quality from all sources.


  • 3D and 4K compatible
  • Multi-room connectivity
  • ATF2 upsampling
  • Sound first design
  • All metal chassis
Weight 17400 g
Dimensions 420 × 430 × 150 mm

Power output 200 watts rms per channel, 6 Ohms (two channels driven)
170 watts rms per channel, 8 Ohms (two channels driven)
120 watts rms per channel, 8 Ohms (all 7 channels driven)
Inputs 6 x HDMI, 8 RCA, 7.1 Multichannel, USB Audio, 5 coaxial, 5 optical
FM/AM Tuner, 3 component video, 4 composite, 4 S-video
Outputs 2 HDMI
7 amplified speaker outputs
7.2 preamp output
Headphone output
2 optical
2 coaxial
Colour Black
Dimensions (HxWxD) 150 x 430 x 420mm (5.9 x 16.9 x 16.5’’)
Weight 17.4kg (38.3lbs)