Cambridge Audio 651C CD Player

Cambridge Audio

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These enhancements, in addition to completely returned audio circuits, make for an even purer, more lifelike experience than its highly regarded predecessor.
  • Cambridge Audio S3 servo solution
  • Available in black and silver finishes
  • Dimensions:85 x 430 x 305mm
  • Weight: 4.8kg (10.6lbs)
  • Frequency :20Hz – 20kHz (+/-0.1dB)


Out of stock

If you?re after a way of extracting every last piece of data from your CDs and turning it into the most musical experience imaginable, then look no further than the all-new 651C CD Player. Developed to offer a true taste of high-end musical reproduction at an altogether more affordable price, it features an all-new twin Digital to Analogies Conversion system (DAC) with the same selectable filter arrangement used in the legendary DacMagic.

Where many CD players use drives designed for computers, at Cambridge Audio we went the extra mile and created a CD-only S3 Custom CD ServoTM drive. This audiophile design gives the 651C the ability to retrieve maximum digital information which in turn means you hear every last detail from your discs. A thousand words cannot convey just how lifelike the 651C sounds but a two-minute audition at your nearest Cambridge Audio dealer will tell you everything you need to know!

For those who want to know even more about the 651C CD Player… Twin Wolfson WM8742 DACs deliver a significant performance upgrade over the 651C?s award-winning predecessor and are implemented in a dual differential configuration (each channel has its own DAC to process information).

A sophisticated Two-Pole Dual Differential Double Virtual Earth Balanced Bessel filter configuration rejects virtually all noise and distortion present in the DACs and filters them to produce an unprecedented level of performance.

The new DACs also feature a selectable digital filter with three settings to suit your own listening preferences and of course your own system:

? The Steep roll-off filter exhibits strong attenuation of aliasing images outside the passband (i.e. above 22.05kHz) at the expense of a little pre and post-ringing in the time domain.

? The Linear phase filter uniquely features ?constant group delay? which delays all audio signals at all frequencies by the same amount meaning all audio is fully time-coherent at the output.

? Minimum phase meanwhile does not feature constant group delay but rather the coefficients have been optimized without feed-forward so that the impulse response exhibits no pre-ringing in the time domain.

Cambridge Audio?s CD-only S3 Custom CD ServoTM employs a custom-designed chipset and the latest double-sided surface-mount technology for ultra-short signal paths with freedom from wire links. Circuits and software have been meticulously designed and S3 dynamically adjusts focusing, tracking and output level of the laser in real-time, allowing for maximum retrieval of the digital information and jitter minimization.

This is all made possible by the implementation of a powerful ARM7 processor and complemented by a highly accurate master clock oscillator and carefully designed impedance-matched clock buffering scheme. Meanwhile, the well-proven transport guarantees incredible rigidity and the CD drawer itself has been designed to offer a smooth, high-end feel. And to ensure simple operation, a high contrast reverses black DFSTN (Double Film Super Twisted Nematic) display offers excellent feedback of the 651C?s impressive features which now include CD-text support. As with all our Azur CD players, a high-quality toroidal transformer ensures lower noise and less waveform distortion for quieter PSU operation.

This complicated-sounding ecosystem is, in fact, the result of over ten years? research and development. A long process but we think that when you hear the 651C, it?ll raise the hairs on your neck and put a smile on your face. Just like it does every time we listen to it?


  • Audiophile-grade toroidal transformer delivering ultra-low low noise and distortion
  • Twin Wolfson WM8742 DACs arranged in 2-Pole Bessel; Dual Differential Virtual Earth Balanced filter topology
  • Proprietary Cambridge Audio S3 servo solution
  • All PCBs and DAC stages feature double-sided surface mount technology, eliminating wire links and giving ultra-short signal paths
  • New selectable digital filters ? linear phase, minimum phase, steep
  • Highly accurate master clock oscillator and carefully designed impedance-matched clock buffering schemes
  • Wrap-around casework design with the substantially thick brushed aluminium front panel and dual layer damped feet, giving enhanced resonance control
  • Eco-friendly <1W Standby power consumption
  • Available in black and silver finishes
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Weight 4800 g
Dimensions 305 × 430 × 85 mm

D/A Converters: Dual Wolfson Microelectronics
WM8742 24-bit/192kHz capable
Filter 2-Pole Dual Differential Bessel
Double Virtual Earth Balanced
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz (+/-0.1dB)
THD @ 1Khz 0dBFs: <0.003%
THD @ 1kHz -10dBFs: <0.0005%
THD @ 20kHz 0dBFs: <0.002%
IMD (19/20kHz) 0dBFs <0.002%
Linearity @ -90dBFs: +/- 0.5dB
Clock deviation +/- 20ppm
Stopband rejection (>24kHz): >90dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: >-115dB
Total correlated jitter: <140pS
Crosstalk @ 1kHz: <-100dB
Crosstalk @ 20kHz: <-99dB
Output Impedance: <50ohms
Max. Power Consumption: 25W
Standby Power Consumption: <1W
Dimensions (H x W x D): 85 x 430 x 305mm
(3.4 x 16.9 x 12.2”)
Weight 4.8kg (10.6lbs)