Cabasse Artis Line Stereo Power La Sphere Amplifier Set


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La Sphere active processor and dedicated power amplifiers.

The monoblock amplifiers of the La Sph?re system have also been designed after innovative technologies offering power and refinement in a very discrete size. The Ice Power modules present a 90% efficiency, 10 times more than conventional amplifiers.

Driven by a 1000 W RMS amplifier, the 22″ woofer of La Sph?re can be played up to its mechanical limits with no amplifier distortion. The same 1000 W monoblock is used for the low-midrange when 300 W versions feed the midrange and tweeter units. Both versions share the same design and there is no risk of delay between the amplifiers that would kill the linear phase of the digital processing. The use for the 3 upper-frequency ranges of amplifiers far under their nominal power ( never more than 5% for the high frequencies for instance) allows avoiding the risk of amplifier?s distortion.

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