Braven 850 Portable Wireless Loudspeaker


The Braven 850 pumps 20W of unbelievable sound from a speaker less than a footlong – but nearly 4 times the size of the BRAVEN Six Series Range.
  • Battery Capacity: 8800mA
  • Ac Adaptor : AC Power Supply
  • Input: AC 240V
  • Output: DC 12V 3A
  • Time Required for full charge: 6 Hrs


The Braven 850 Portable Wireless Loudspeaker

Like the Six series, it still provides you with emergency mobile device charging, impressive playtime which plays up to 20 hours but also has an integrated noise-cancelling speakerphone – all in an aircraft-grade aluminum housing.

Not only does the Braven 850 have mind-blowing sound, but it can also charge your iPad, tablet, mobile phone, and any other device that requires a power supply of 2.1A.

The Braven 850 also has a unique feature which allows you to pair wirelessly to one other Braven 850 and create a left and right stereo pair of speakers – giving you detailed sound from two wireless portable speakers. This means you won’t lose any stereo effect that you would normally from a conventional single wireless portable speaker.

Watch this short video below to see just how awesome this speaker really is:


  • True Wireless – Pair two Speakers
  • Wirelessly Stream your music over Bluetooth
  • Takes Calls Hands-free through a built-in microphone
  • Charge mobile devices from a built-in power bank
  • Control Tracks and Volume right from the speaker
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  • Battery Capacity: 8800mA
  • Playback Time: Approx. 20 Hrs at medium volume over Bluetooth
  • Time Required for full charge: 6 Hrs
  • Ac Adaptor Type: AC Power Supply
  • Input: AC 240V
  • Output: DC 12V 3A


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